Elliot combines contemporary lighting design with the unique flavor of the antiqued mirrors. The thin linear brass structure supports an artistic glass plate. This slab can have shades and different colors, small oxidations and stains, which are signs of authenticity and perfect craftsmanship.

Each Elliot lamp is an irrepeatable piece and the mirror is made with a particular silvering technique and an explosion of color that makes the glass surface three-dimensional. Handmade to give a magic allure, Elliot is perfect for enhance any room.

This wall lamp is one of those simple pieces that will give any room a luxurious and classy feel. It casts a long light on the wall on which it is mounted. It can appeare as a delicate light line at the entrance or it can be placed on the sides of a sofa to amplify the living space. It can be a decorative object and a point of light in a bathroom or bedroom.

  • Brass

    Antiqued brass structure

  • Mirror

    Colored antiqued mirror

  • Width

    20 cm

  • Height

    180 cm

  • Depth

    13 cm